Doral College is a private, not-for-profit post-secondary institution located in Doral, FL. DC seeks provide an affordable, quality education to its community, including qualified dual enrollment and undergraduate students. For some, this may mean only taking a few courses to transfer to another school in Florida. For others, the goal is earning the Associate in Arts, or even pursing the new Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education (BSED) degree program. Whatever the situation, DC takes pride in serving the needs of its students.

For dual enrollment students, Doral College offers college courses in face to face, online, and hybrid formats in partnership with our partner schools. Undergraduate students enroll online and may choose from an ever expanding list of offerings.

Doral College participates in the Florida Statewide Course Numbering System (SCNS) which facilitates transfer to all public colleges and universities in the state, as well as private institutions like DC who elect to participate. The College has also established partnership agreements with some of these institutions in order to further define the transfer opportunities available.

Because we tailor learning to you! Doral College prides itself on using innovation and personalized attention to motivate students to overcome traditional barriers.

For example, unlike other early college programs, Doral College's dual enrollment program emphasizes collaboration with affiliate schools to provide a more integrated, nurturing experience. Wherever possible, courses are embedded within a student's schedule and often even take place on the affiliate school campus. Currently, DC works with 60+ affiliate schools in 12 counties around the state.

Our Undergraduate options are flexible and designed to meet the needs of the individual student by utilizing innovative, user-friendly technologies that bring learning to you, regardless of location.

DC has graduated ten classes of Associate in Arts awardees and two cohorts of BSED graduates. This exciting new addition is state approved for licensure in elementary education, and emphasizes the importance of hands-on learning from the very beginning, infusing opportunities for classroom experience throughout the program.

Because it was designed for you. Flexible, affordable, and personalized, DC maintains the same principles that guide its dual enrollment program in all of its offerings.

A lot goes on at From news stories, to the Academic Calendar (AA Calendar - BSED Calendar), the website contains extensive information on Doral College and its programs, and serves as as excellent resource for students.

Visit the site and spend some time navigating through the various pages. Familiarize yourself with the structure so that information will be easier to find when you need it.

Make sure to check out the College Catalog & Student Handbook, which is now maintained solely online. This document describes all applicable student policies, details the College's services, and highlight's the Associate in Arts and Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education degree programs. Use the sidebar on the right to navigate the different sections and remember that as a student of the College, you are required to abide by the guidelines within. For example, all students should be familiar with the College's policies such as those on Academic Integrity, Grades, and the Student Code of Conduct. More on that in the next section.

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