The curriculum of our Master’s program combines theory and practice applicable to both real world settings and the Florida Educational Leadership Exam (FELE). Comprehensive coursework covers crucial topics in the field including school law, budget management, instructional leadership, and human resources development. Upon program completion, including successful passing of the FELE, students will be eligible to earn Level 1 Leadership licensure in the state of Florida.

Courses are accessed online using intuitive educational platforms with dedicated student support tools like an extensive online library, quality online tutoring, and technical support. Coursework is enhanced through two 8-week internship courses which allow students to put theory to practice in a school-setting.

For those who already hold a master’s degree or higher in an education field, a 24-credit Modified Program option is also available.

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  1. Hold a bachelor’s or master’s degree from an accredited U.S. institution or its equivalent from a foreign institution (a minimum GPA of 3.0 or higher is required).
  2. Hold a valid Teaching license with a minimum of three (3) years of teacher evaluations with ratings of Effective or Highly Effective (summative evaluations required).
  3. Provide a recommendation from a principal or other administrator addressing the applicant’s skills and leadership potential.
  4. Furnish a resume and a personal statement explaining the applicant’s professional and academic goals, and interest in pursuing a graduate degree in educational leadership.
  5. Attend a final admissions interview with members from Doral College and Doral Leadership Institute.
  6. Complete the application process, including signing an enrollment agreement.

Required Documents:

  • A copy of a legal, valid ID (driver’s license, passport, etc.).
  • Official college transcripts showing conferral of bachelor’s or master’s degree (unofficial transcripts should be uploaded to the application pending receipt of official copies);
  • Three (3) years of summative teacher evaluations with ratings of Effective or Highly Effective, or completed Teacher Evaluation Certification Form;
  • Letter of Recommendation from a principal or other administrator;
  • A resume;
  • Typed personal statement (300 – 500 words) in word or pdf form; and
  • Color copy of government issued ID (i.e. driver’s license, ID card, passport, etc.).

To successfully complete the Master of Education in Educational Leadership, students must earn 36 credits, as outlined below. 

All courses are worth three (3) credit hours unless otherwise specified:

  • EDA 6061: Principles of Educational Leadership 
  • EDG 6627: Foundations of Curriculum and Instruction 
  • EME 6425: Technology for Educational Leadership 
  • EDA 6232: School Law 
  • EDG 6391: Instructional Leadership 
  • EDF 6457: Data and Analysis 
  • EDA 6242: School Budgeting and Financial Report 
  • EDG 6326: Learning Accountability and Assessment 
  • EDS 6050: Human Resources Development 
  • EDA 6192: Organizational Development 
  • EDA 6945: Internship I 
  • EDA 6946: Internship II 

In addition to completing the required courses, students must pass the Florida Educational Leadership Examination (FELE) to complete the degree program.

  • The student will develop, implement, and analyze a school mission, vision, objectives, and goals, ensuring student learning as a priority.  
  • The student will create communication strategies and opportunities for all stakeholders. 
  •  The student will utilize data to develop campus initiatives to increase student achievement. 
  • The student will implement an instructional leadership strategy which includes an instructional plan, faculty development plan, and assessment of the learning environment. 
  • The student will implement appropriate management style to improve the school as an organization based on school climate and culture. 
  • The student will analyze financial and budgeting needs to create a realistic campus-based budget.
  • The student will evaluate situations that occur with all stakeholders to gauge professional and ethical leadership in decision making, communication, and interaction with all stakeholders. 
  • The student will measure student achievement based on data relating to student learning results, keeping student learning as a priority. 
  • The student will assess the components of organizational leadership related to decision-making, leadership development, school management, and communication. 

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When applying to the Master’s program:

  • Please allow approximately 20 minutes to complete the application.
  • Please have your ID and required documents, including transcripts and evaluations, ready beforehand.

Please keep in mind the following dates if you wish to be a part of our first Master's cohort:

  • March 1st, 2024 - Application opens
  • May 3rd, 2024 - Application deadline for first cohort
  • June 2024 - Final admissions interviews will be held
  • July 2024 - Admissions decisions will be sent out
  • August 2024 - Classes begin
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