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Doral College is proud to partner with the Doral Leadership Institute (DLI) to provide quality teacher development opportunities for teachers at participating charter schools in Miami Dade and Tavares counties. Services include pathways for initial certification, endorsement course offerings, and options for enrichment and recertification.

DLI participants are not responsible for tuition but should expect to pay for their own books and materials, as required. Further, DLI participants are subject to specific policies and procedures and must abide by these guidelines to succeed in their endeavors as outlined in the sections below.

Participants should be aware that the courses offered are college-level credit courses and as such, require a certain level of commitment and effort. Courses are not-self paced and most have strict deadlines that require submission of work on a weekly basis. Participants should carefully review the syllabus for each course in which they enroll to ensure they are aware of and able to comply with each instructor’s expectations and policies. In general, participants should expect to put in approximately 135 hours of work for each three-credit course in which they enroll.

Interested Doral Leadership Institute (DLI) Participants must apply to and be accepted by Doral College before they can enroll in a course. Interested parties must complete an Undergraduate application for the non-degree seeking program in which they wish to enroll. The following options are available for enrollment through DLI:

  • Reading Endorsement
  • ESOL Endorsement
  • Gifted Endorsement
  • Educator Preparation Institute (Initial Certification)
  • Recertification/Enrichment


During application submission, participants should indicate they are employed by an affiliate school and list the school in question. Failure to do so may delay application processing. Furthermore, in addition to submitting an application, participants must also provide a color copy of a valid, legal ID and a copy of their teaching certificate or statement of eligibility. These documents should be uploaded during application submission. Participants must also sign an enrollment agreement for participation which will be sent to them for completion electronically. All communication regarding a participant’s application will be sent to the email associated with the application submission.

Please note that participants should apply to the College using the same last name as is used on their Frontline account to ensure their profiles can successfully be matched.

The enrollment process for DLI participants is separate from the admissions process and conducted through Frontline. Doral College courses are advertised in the Frontline system in advance of the term in which they will be offered. Offerings and registration windows are communicated to DLI Professional Development (PD) Liaisons, who are tasked with disseminating that information to the faculty at their respective schools.

Participants must register for courses through Frontline, during the registration window. Once the window has closed, participants can no longer register for those college courses. In addition, course offerings are capped at a certain number of participants and additional seats will typically not be added once an offering has reached capacity. Participants will be registered in the Doral College Student Information System (SIS) in accordance with their course selections on Frontline. An enrollment email is sent when this process is completed. The email includes the name of the course in which the participant is registered, the name of the course instructor, and the course start and end dates.

General endorsement course requirements and guidance on Educator Preparation Institute (EPI) and initial certification courses is widely available, and clearly posted on the College’s website. In addition, should a DLI participant have a question about which course(s) are most suitable to their goals, they are welcomed to contact Ana Gamundi, Advisor for Undergraduate Programs, at Please keep in mind that Doral College can only speak to its own courses and will be unable to determine whether external coursework will be approved to fulfill state requirements. Such questions should be directed to the Florida Department of Education, Bureau of Educator Certification.

Should students encounter any technical issues, such as login problems or issues accessing course materials, they are encouraged to contact the technical support help desk at

Participants may drop a course without penalty in the first week and a half of the term, which is considered the grace period. They may do so by emailing Please note that once a participant has been enrolled in the Doral College SIS, dropping a course in Frontline alone will not suffice.

Separately, any student who does not complete beginning assignments due the first week of classes within that first week will be dropped as a No Show. Once a student has been dropped as a No Show, they cannot be re-registered in the course for that semester. There is no penalty for dropping within the grace period, including for No Show drops.

After the grace period has passed, students will be required to either remain in a course or withdraw by the withdraw deadline on the academic calendar. Students should consider withdrawing from a course only when they have no other alternative. For withdraws, courses will appear on a student’s transcript with a grade of “W”. Withdraws will affect a student’s ability to re-enroll in a Doral College course through DLI as noted below.

Once grades are finalized, each participant will be emailed a grade report for each course in which they were enrolled. Please note that no master plan points will be awarded in Frontline for Doral College courses, as they are college credit courses. To send completed courses to the Florida Department of Education for processing, participants must request an official transcript be mailed. Transcript requests are made and processed through Parchment, the College’s transcript service provider. A link is available on the College’s website.

DLI participants are permitted to re-enroll in courses following the enrollment process provided they have made satisfactory progress by making passing grades and earning credit for the courses in which they are enrolled. Effective Spring B 2022, if a participant fails to earn credit for or withdraw from a course, they will no longer permitted to enroll through DLI. In this case, the participant will be withdrawn. Please note that the minimum passing grade for all upper division education courses, including endorsement courses, is a C.

Should a withdrawn participant wish to re-enroll in Doral College courses independent of DLI, they must contact Completion of a new enrollment agreement will be required in which the student agrees to pay the standard tuition rate at the time of signing.

You may download a copy of the DLI Student Policies & Procedures here.

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