How Do I Register for Courses?

Undergraduate students in the Associate in Arts (AA), Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education (BSED), and Educator Preparation Institute (EPI) should contact Undergraduate Advisor, Ana Gamundi, for advising as well as registration issues.

Students enrolling through the Doral Leadership Institute (DLI) will be registered in accordance with their Frontline registrations.

What if I need to Drop or Withdraw from a Course?

Students should understand that enrolling in a course is a serious commitment, and are advised to drop/withdraw from a course only when they have exhausted all other avenues and do not feel they will be able to earn a passing grade. In this case, a student may request to drop by contacting his or her academic advisor. The following guidelines apply:

Dropping during the Grace Period (without “W” grade)
For requests submitted by the “last day to drop without a “W” grade” as per the academic calendar, courses dropped will not appear on the student’s transcript.

Course Withdraw
For requests submitted by the “last day to withdraw with a “W” as per the academic calendar, courses dropped will appear on a student’s transcript with a “W” grade but will not impact the students grade point average. 

Withdraw Restrictions
Students should consider dropping a course only when they have no other alternative. Should a student withdraw from three (3) or more courses, he or she will be placed on an advising hold and will be unable to re-enroll until cleared by Student Affairs.

Where Can I find Term Dates and Important Deadlines?

The College publishes an official Academic Calendar each year which lists all term dates, deadlines, holidays, and break dates. As of Fall 2021, the Associate in Arts and Bachelor of Science programs maintain separate term dates and are listed independently of one another.  See the Associate in Arts Calendar or the Bachelor of Science Calendar for each program’s respective dates and deadlines.

What are the Policies Regarding Grade Forgiveness and re-taking Courses?

Doral College’s forgiveness policy permits students to repeat a course in which they have received a grade less than a C, and then have the repeated grade computed in his/her GPA in place of the original grade, providing the repeated grade is higher than the first grade.

To request grade forgiveness, a student should first repeat the course and earn a satisfactory grade. Once the repeated grade has posted to the student’s record, he/she should contact the Student Affairs to request forgiveness be applied.

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